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A well-known saying tells us that the sole thing constant in this world is change. Looking at how the way we live our lives is changing, truer words have never been talked. The amount of these technologies or companies can be endless if we chose to compile them all, so I came up with list of some of them and particularly those that I felt had a deep impact on my entire life. What I recorded below are innovations that’s massively changed my lifestyle and I work. A couple of the of them made stuff possible where they weren’t before, while a couple of. I am hoping you can enjoy a look at these innovations that are amazing.


twitter - 2

With the debut of Twitter, of microblogging quickly, the concept took off and disrupted the function of numerous businesses. People who use this website range from regular folks to those involved in amusement, politics and maybe even news channels. They’ll let you know only how much of an impact this site has had on their lives, if you ask any Twitter user. You should know that Twitter played a critical part in it if you remember the political revolution in Egypt in 2011. In 2013, a billionaire investor sent out a tweet that was christened the multibillion-dollar tweet. In 2014, the FIFA World Cup event created more than half a million tweets. Even now, Twitter still continues to redefine many aspects of our daily life, including political activism and journalism.

Social media as a theory had been with us for decades, but it was Facebook that made it a critical part of an international reality as well as our daily living. Though this social media website has had its fair share of controversy, its impact has been so large that a large part of the political leaders on the planet are today adopting it as a political medium and tool. It is simply an incredible phenomenon to so many of us due to the fact that it lets us connect with a number of our long lost buddies. In 2014, Facebook had the greatest quantity of users with the total number nearly touching a billion. I wonder when that day will come when every person on this particular planet is a Facebook user.

Internet traffic is on the data and upsurge price is going thanks to the fact that a growing number of folks are utilizing smartphones and tablets. SMS or short Messaging System has been with us ever since the dawn of the cells, but another messaging system, Whatsapp had brought it down from its throne. Now, Whatsapp has interrupted SMS, from the easy rationale that Whatsapp convey better and more efficiently and allows its users to text. Beginning a group is painless, and with just one click you can now broadcast or text a message to an entire group easily. Before Whatsapp, that is recognized as a herculean task if not impossible. Facebook in the year 2014 valued at a mind blowing twenty billion dollars at that time of this revolutionizing company’s acquisition it.

The most’m not particularly knowledgeable about technology but I always try to stay informed about the newest technologies to be able to remain useful. Something innovative and new comes up almost every day. I’m certain this initiation train is not stopping here. More disruptive innovations will consistently be introduced into the entire world, and businesses will continue to be revolutionized. If you have anything to say regarding the technology innovations mentioned above or discovered new ones that you would like to share with others, please do leave a comment below.

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