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Each and everyone of us seems to have our personal views when it pertains to our desired endeavor and even though some people love the allure of corporate employment, that is just not for me. Preceding to this, I was disillusioned into believing that corporate job was the best alternative. I do not forget the days when I was in college and look at those individuals in their business clothing, I deemed they were brilliant. Right after college, I was pumped up about building my own professional profession.


Now it is 2 year after my graduation and things are no longer nearly the same as they always appear to me. I was prompt to recognize that management and business employment were unexciting and they were far from the idyllic pictures that I imagined them to be. Don’t be misguided. It isn’t actually that I didn’t manage to get into large conglomerates and as a matter of fact, I secure myself right into among the many world’s most popular companies. But guess what, the 2 years that I wasted being employed there was filled with suffering and it was hard for me to force myself to remain even until 6 pm and that was when I told myself that it was possibly best to leave.

I beg to differ if you think that I made the decision because of pulsation as I were left with the move strictly after cautious calculation and observation of my peers. Contrary to popular belief, I realize most of them going through the same ‘prisoner’ distress as I did. I ought to convey to you that financial is certainly not the issue here. As most of us were employed in basically profitable organizations, we were favorably recognized financially.

I decided to leave office not because there was no job certainty. You may label me child like but it quite simply was the office politics that pressed me to my move. I love to be just the way I am and wouldn’t be able to stand it if I need to show a side that I am not. I come to grasp that in the arena of professional, it is not the cleverest idea that trumps, however it is office politics that prevail. I wouldn’t be able to envision myself actually doing this kind of thing for the remainder of my 20 or thirty years. Life is short and too valuable. Now that I have deserted the corporate world, I simply picture myself not turning back for whichever reason.

For me, I am still better off than most of my classmates as I kept my lifestyle easy and accrued sufficient savings for the 2 years to enable me to realize my passion now. Want to guess how my life is today? (hint: I devote most of my time in the kitchen) I could very well be expected to be working longer hours with lesser pay but I do not have to look to my watch everyday just to wait for the clock to strike past 6.

I am authoring this blog as a result of interest and I just wanna find out how exceptional I am into this entire blogging thing. Nothing hardcore, nothing confidential here. I’d be over the moon if you inform me that you love my weblog. Else, thanks for stopping by.

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