Here are interesting truths about Wireless Myths & Facts

We are dwelling in a marvelous time, a time where almost every apparatus is really capable of connecting to each other wirelessly. The internet has taken over so many places of our own lives and now, virtually all gadgets and devices are created to be wireless. All the wirelessly interconnected devices are surely valuable to our lives and they definitely bring convenience to how we control the various tools we use every day. For better or for worse, we’re now dwelling in a wireless world, now since there is no escaping from it I decided to prepare myself at some of the myths, superstitions, and disinformation concerning wireless technologies and checked if they have some grain of truth in them.

We live in a world where computers seem to be getting smaller in size, while devices like cellphones are being made to hold an increasing amount of electricity. There’s one major drawback which comes with each of the little but powerful computing devices like our smartphone. They need to be charged often as the battery life of such devices is not enough to last the whole day with all the sum they can be used. Till date, no one has created a device which can charge a variety of mobile devices. What this means is that if I have a notebook and a cellphone, I still need to take with me 2 separate charging connectors for each of them. Though wireless power charging is an idea which has been debated for some time now, it hasn’t yet reached the maturity that would see it being embraced en masse. Some people think this is a myth but I think this technology is something that will be here sooner as opposed to later.

To begin with, lots of folks actually favor the new Wi-Fi routers capable of carrying data at gigabit speeds, wrongly assuming that higher speed means better apparatus. What many individuals didn’t comprehend is the real operation remains dependent on the cellular devices that we use. The reason why the latest Wi Fi routers can attain such rate is because they are able to support the latest standards that need the use of multiple antennas for the transmission. For your mobile to be able of using the speed produced, it has to also support the latest standards. The very next instance you are looking for a brand new router, ended up in disappointment and be sure to check your devices’ limitation rather than just choosing the fastest router.

Now, there’s been a glut of new WiFi able devices that have support for the new 5. 8GHz spectrum alongside with the usual 2. 4GHz spectrum. A lot of people erroneously think that 5. 8Ghz is better than 2. 4Ghz, it is not mechanically better like how moving away from the 900MHz formerly used by cellphones led to better speed. It really is contingent on the criteria one uses to define it. The key reason why the 5. 8GHz spectrum has been added is because the 2. 4GHz is becoming overcrowded and not because it better. You hear a lot of people say their WiFi experience got better when they switched their router to the 5. 8Ghz spectrum. The sole rationale that is accurate is because there are less folks and gadgets .


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The impact that wireless technology has had on our lives and also the way we communicate with folks is truly exceptional. Still, there are people who’ve many misconceptions about it. I’m no expert in this technology along with the things I have discussed here are nothing more than my individual opinion on a subject that I consider is quite fascinating to say the least. I hope this discussion helps you in clearing the myths associated with wireless technology off your head. My expertise regarding the matter is restricted, and I might be mistaken about various things, so don’t hesitate to talk about your views regarding the same in the remarks.

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A simple guide to the Disruptive Innovation

A well-known saying tells us that the sole thing constant in this world is change. Looking at how the way we live our lives is changing, truer words have never been talked. The amount of these technologies or companies can be endless if we chose to compile them all, so I came up with list of some of them and particularly those that I felt had a deep impact on my entire life. What I recorded below are innovations that’s massively changed my lifestyle and I work. A couple of the of them made stuff possible where they weren’t before, while a couple of. I am hoping you can enjoy a look at these innovations that are amazing.


twitter - 2

With the debut of Twitter, of microblogging quickly, the concept took off and disrupted the function of numerous businesses. People who use this website range from regular folks to those involved in amusement, politics and maybe even news channels. They’ll let you know only how much of an impact this site has had on their lives, if you ask any Twitter user. You should know that Twitter played a critical part in it if you remember the political revolution in Egypt in 2011. In 2013, a billionaire investor sent out a tweet that was christened the multibillion-dollar tweet. In 2014, the FIFA World Cup event created more than half a million tweets. Even now, Twitter still continues to redefine many aspects of our daily life, including political activism and journalism.

Social media as a theory had been with us for decades, but it was Facebook that made it a critical part of an international reality as well as our daily living. Though this social media website has had its fair share of controversy, its impact has been so large that a large part of the political leaders on the planet are today adopting it as a political medium and tool. It is simply an incredible phenomenon to so many of us due to the fact that it lets us connect with a number of our long lost buddies. In 2014, Facebook had the greatest quantity of users with the total number nearly touching a billion. I wonder when that day will come when every person on this particular planet is a Facebook user.

Internet traffic is on the data and upsurge price is going thanks to the fact that a growing number of folks are utilizing smartphones and tablets. SMS or short Messaging System has been with us ever since the dawn of the cells, but another messaging system, Whatsapp had brought it down from its throne. Now, Whatsapp has interrupted SMS, from the easy rationale that Whatsapp convey better and more efficiently and allows its users to text. Beginning a group is painless, and with just one click you can now broadcast or text a message to an entire group easily. Before Whatsapp, that is recognized as a herculean task if not impossible. Facebook in the year 2014 valued at a mind blowing twenty billion dollars at that time of this revolutionizing company’s acquisition it.

The most’m not particularly knowledgeable about technology but I always try to stay informed about the newest technologies to be able to remain useful. Something innovative and new comes up almost every day. I’m certain this initiation train is not stopping here. More disruptive innovations will consistently be introduced into the entire world, and businesses will continue to be revolutionized. If you have anything to say regarding the technology innovations mentioned above or discovered new ones that you would like to share with others, please do leave a comment below.

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Few matters about Apple Inc that will blow your imagination

It was the year 2011 when Steve Jobs, one of the very most renowned leader and innovator of our time, had passed away. The heritage that he’d assembled hasn’t died down and this was exemplified by Apple’s rise to become the most valueable company on earth in 2014. Some years after his death, Apple is still the same business that is secretive that it has consistently been. There are many interesting facts that only a few folks understand about this highly reputed firm. Let’s take a look at several of the most fascinating truth about Apple Inc. You will be shocked at precisely how successful the business is in amounts and also get a sneak peek into how popular Apple products such as iPod and the iPhone are made.


iphone - 2

Among the very prominent truth about Apple is their remarkable sales rates on every new product. About 40 million iPhones are sold on a quarterly basis. This implies that approximately just under 400,000 iPhones are sold daily. To shock you a bit more, consider how this number is even bigger than the amount of infants born daily. The worldwide birth rate stands around 300,000 per day. To satisfy the demand, in 2014 Apple created nearly 500,000 handsets in their iPhone 5s chain in a day.

Apple shops globally are famous for their iconic designs. However, their shops are income generating power stations. Previously, Tiffany & Co was the king when it comes to the amount of sales produced per square foot basis. It wasn’t until 2013 that the record of Tiffany & Co was broken with Apple producing double the number of the sales of the company’s. When the former record holder sells $3,017 Apple records $6,050 for every square foot. Truly, this is a feat that no other business has been able to copy.

Apple never captures to shock the world by making use of their products and sales records, as years pass by. The business hasn’t done than expanding and growing their brands enormously at a speed that no one could have matched. They keep to achieve magnificence as they transcend heights man impossible at such an early part of the new millennium and have performed well at every level. Steve Jobs’ successor, Tim Cook certainly has a giant task ahead of him, filling such huge boots. Many believe that Apple’s finest days are over but Tim Cook and his team has up to now revealed they can maintain the increase of the company’s at least for now. As all of US understand, it’s something to achieve success, but another to maintain it. The forthcoming few years will be fascinating in case the planned Apple’s launch of watch will be an additional success or failure and everybody will be carefully observing.

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Why discovering the Strangest Places on Earth is a big deal to me

There are a number of fascinating things on the planet and a few of them just have no rational explanation to its source and ending. There are many strange spots on the planet though the most unexpected of will definitely leave you gasping. Finding the most abnormal things about this planet that we call our home and being one of these people that always love traveling, adventuring, a while ago I compiled a list of the most bizarre areas to have been found on the planet. I have not been to an enormous number of them though I have added them to my list and I’ll without a doubt see them in case I get a chance. The list I have shared below isn’t exhaustive of all astonishing weird spots on earth and you can don’t hesitate to leave a remark with other incredible websites not contained.

Located south of Tokyo is a town called Miyake-jima island because everyone who is living in this city will have to carry a gas mask and it is one of the oddest place on world. This is brought about by how the town is around Mt Oyama which is known to have one of the deadliest volcano. There is a public emergency system always on standby to caution inhabitants of any rise in gas that is toxic. I constantly wonder why these folks still choose to go back to put their lives at such risk. Maybe we humans are wired in some ways that we cannot completely understand, or so I figure.

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Dryness and the high temperature can make actually unpleasant living state and that’s something which all of us know. But believe it or not, there is an underground city where individuals appreciate city life that is routine like any other, found in the middle of a desert. Found less than a thousand kilometers to the north of Adelaide, is Coober city which too many individuals not know apart from the residents who are concealed from view that is above-ground. The city was created as opposed to over the earth as individuals find it even more comfortable and easy to live underground. Said to be the greatest opal mining area in the world, this underground city is complete with all the vital comforts which range from church to a 4-star luxurious hotel.

Azure is a popular colour among individuals which signifies depth and stability. Found in the northern area of Africa when mentioning strange areas on our continent, it is difficult to omit the blue town of Morocco. Place against a backdrop of panoramic mountains, painting and every building in this town is finished using a blue colour. Besides the fascination of seeing blue everywhere a visitor turns, many flock to this town because of the lodging that is affordable it has to offer, making is a favorite touristic place. I can not imagine how everyone will look like when walking in this street. I am hoping to visit this town soon and experience this weird feeling.

New Zealand is among the nations with figures that is peculiar which is famous for many reasons that range from sheep population to social and customs systems. One odd place that I’ve found lately is a city where the amount of the dead is more than the number of the living. This bizarre, eerie city is home to fewer than two thousand living individuals and over 1. 5 million dead people. This fact alone should give you a sense of how spooky every corner of the city and a place it is must have been become a graveyard. I’m uncertain why anyone would ever need to visit this type of place but if this area sounds intriguing to you, you may only drop by the next time you’re in San Diego.

This really is only a small list of unusual places that exist on this earth. Actually, these places are beyond my imagination and finding the presence of these areas taught me to be more open minded. A number of them seem a bit too frightening for me, but I cherish the idea of visiting with them one day. A picture may say a thousand words but I am certain the feeling and experience is some thing that you may only get when you step your feet on these place. I’m sure more unexpected areas will soon be found and I’ll make an effort to keep this list updated.

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Maybe you have got all the information demanded to decide which hair straightening tool is greatest for you?

Every girl wants to look amazing and there’s no exception to the rule. But beauty is not a dead issue and it is one that always changes thanks to our human nature in getting bored over the exact same things. Hair might be the most important factor of delightful look which is why it is referred to as crown by many. Having long shiny hair is something that millions of women dream of but only few are naturally blessed with that. To the majority of the people, our hair is relatively curled even though different individuals have different magnitude of curliness. Two choices are accessible if you are among those wishing to have your straightened out. The first choice is always to go your favorite salon and trust the job to the professionals. Suitable it may be, but this option can be extremely pricey as a hair straightening session can easily include up to few hundreds of dollars. The other choice is seen as less suitable by some as it needs you to do your own research (including hair straightener assessments) and make sure you get your self the best hair straightener so that you can prevent any terrible outcome that might have a direct effect on your visual aspect.

There are two ways we can change our curly hair in to these straight delightful hair. Using a blow dryer is the first means. But bear in mind that even when you have the best hair dryer and more economical it might be, the result you get might not be optimum. It also usually takes a longer period of time to get the job done compared to the second item. The second option will be to use a hair straightener. Yet, one common mistake made by a lot of newbie is to cut the hair straightener discussion process entirely and assume that hair straighteners are made the same. Since we are talking about one of the most critical aspects that explain our appearance, this is something which we might want to approach with caution. It is naive to believe that one can get the best hair straighteners for the cost of a few meals. As revealed in the majority of hair dryer evaluations, the top-rated hair dryer however, should not cost as much in comparison.

You may be amazed by the extent at which some women will willingly compromise in order to make themselves look lovely. There are these who every-other month, will do a significant makeover to their hair styles. Some even go to the extent of changing between curly and straight hair design. One point to keep in mind during your hair straightener discussions is to realize that the frequency of use is one variable that establishes which would be the best hair straightener for you. For people who like to change their hair style frequently will find those versions which have been designed to create temporary effect to function as the perfect choices. For those who does not mean to do it so frequently, the best hair straighteners would be these that can give a more permanent or longer term results.

To a girl’s attractiveness, the need for hair is something that has always been understood and that’s why it’s something which is known as a crown. The notion of having that long gleaming hair stays the inner-most visions of every woman but it’s always good to understand the basic trade-off that comes with it. Be advised that heading to the beauty shop does not guarantee the chemical agent used during the cure process will be free of dangerous chemicals and it is your responsibility to check together ahead. A dozen of such harmful effects as moderate skin irritation and hair loss have now been allegedly brought on by the extreme presence of such compounds as formaldehyde. And if you choose the DIY approach, do not get your hair straightener discussion softly , nor skimp on acquiring the best hair straightener as the possible damage of picking a badly constructed version can be severe.


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Looking back 2014 in 10 tweets



  • Facebook is buying Whatsapp. Price Tag? $19 Billion





  • Robin Williams died in apparent suicide


  • Sanrio reveals that Hello Kitty is not a cat



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